Infection Prevention in Healthcare Construction

The Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) is at the forefront in creating industry-leading programs in infection prevention and awareness:

ICRA: Best Practices in Health-Care Facilities

Our flagship 24-hour intensive worker qualification course, including classroom and hands-on modules in facility-simulated environments. The course trains carpenters in containing pathogens, protecting patients and working efficiently without disrupting operations in occupied facilities.

Training is conducted at more than 240 regional training centers across the U.S. and Canada.

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ICRA Awareness

An eight-hour course for healthcare facility employees, healthcare professionals, for employees of contractors or subcontractors that perform work on healthcare job sites, and for others who may visit job sites.

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The UBC-ICRA Train-the-Trainer Model

Infection Control Training- PPE

Master Instructors from UBC-ICRA put qualified trainers through a rigorous 40-hour train-the-trainer program using simulated healthcare facility conditions. Those who successfully complete this course are then qualified to teach ICRA Best Practices to carpenters at regional training centers. Refresher courses are mandatory for instructors to maintain qualifications.

ICRA Program Training

Qualified instructors from UBC-ICRA train UBC carpenters on how to remain productive within ICRA protocols in combined hands-on, classroom, and simulation training. Carpenters who successfully complete the course earn a qualification card in the 24-hour ICRA Best Practices Training Program. Refresher courses are mandatory.


UBC-ICRA training was developed in consultation with leading construction-related infection prevention experts, who worked with the CITF to create and implement a curriculum that reflects the best practices needed to deliver trained construction professionals for healthcare jobsites. The curriculum and training materials undergo regular expert review to refine technical information and anticipate emerging jobsite requirements.

UBC-ICRA training and curriculum are designed to meet the exacting standards required by the Joint Commission for mitigating infection risk during building design and construction.


ICRA Best Practices Skills

Air pressure differential
Anteroom construction
Proper construction of hard and soft wall barriers
Controlling contaminants
Controlling exposure
Contaminants & infectious agents
Containing the work area
Effective communication with hospital personnel
Establishing a negative pressure environment
Facility awareness
Hazmat recognition
How secondary infections are transmitted
Individual responsibilities for patient safety
Mold in a healthcare facility
Personal protection
Personal protective equipment
Pre-remediation considerations
Pre-work & work activities
Regulatory agencies
Risk evaluation process
Routes of entry
Site-specific considerations
Understanding the ICRA document
Work area classifications
Work practices
Working within a portable isolation cube


What They're Saying About UBC-ICRA

“Our infection preventionists learned new aspects of containment building, types of HEPA filtration and manometers during the session,” she explained. “This increased knowledge was utilized to gain support for the purchase of portable hard sided pop-up containments which have been now utilized in COVID-19 response for interior redesign. Also upgrades and purchase of digital manometers.”

Shay L. Drummond, MPH, BSN, RN, EPHS, CIC / Nurse Manager – Infection Preventionist VA – St. Louis Health Care System

“Morris Hospital worked with the Chicago Carpenters Union ICRA Team in 2018 to ensure that all ICRA guidelines were being followed during our multi-year renovation project.  This training was invaluable, and it helped in keeping our workers, staff and patients safe.”

Kerry Gerding, MSN-IPC, RN, CIC / Infection Preventionist Morris Hospital, Morris, IL

“The [building] trades and infection preventionists have different areas of expertise and a different vocabulary. The [UBC]-ICRA class brings the trades and IPs together so we all can sit at the table and speak the same language. It truly is a win-win for the safety of our patients. ”

Kathy A. Miller, RN, CIC / Infection Preventionist M Health Fairview, St. John’s Hospital, St. Paul, MN | APIC MN

“Consolidated Flooring of Chicago is proud to partner with the UBC in the skill advancement and training of our entire workforce. Both INSTALL [floorcovering training] and ICRA prepare our workers and support staff the most current and industry leading training, especially in the ever evolving and unique environments of performing work in modern healthcare facilities.”

Bruce Marcus / Labor Project Manager Consolidated Flooring of Chicago

“We have become known as the go-to company for ICRA, as demonstrated by the requests from general contractors such as Skanska and Turner, as well as hospitals directly.”

Lonny Anger / President Merrick Industrial Management Corp., Parkland, FL

“This is a very thorough and informative class. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to enhance their workforce and company resume.”

Carlos Rañon / President Rañon Inc., Tampa, FL

“The Carpenters are our frontline people keeping our workers and other trades safe. They also keep the patients safe from anything that we could be putting into their environment.”

Bob Gates / Project Safety Manager Campus Transformation at Metro Health, Cleveland, OH

“I was impressed the content of the curriculum offered as it was a tremendous opportunity for both Plant and Infection Preventionist to learn together. The way you set up the breakout sessions was just terrific for this!”

Marsha Barnden / Corporate Director of Infection Prevention & Clinical Standards Adventist Health, Roseville, CA

“Here at E&K of Denver, we appreciate the training on ICRA because we have been able to utilize it to help the community set up a provisionary hospital to fight Covid-19. We look forward to keep using the knowledge our employees have gained to continue going after this type of work.”

Juan Montoya / Operation Manager/Trainer E&K of Denver

“I find that when I mention to any owner or personnel associated with healthcare or medical centers that I’ve attended [the UBC-ICRA] course it brings instant validity to any input that I may provide.”

Paul Dutmar / Director PENTA Building Group, Los Angeles, CA

“PCI Flortech is committed to working with the UBC on all training that differentiates us from our competitors. By completing the various ICRA and INSTALL training modules, we continue to market our company as one of the premier flooring contractors in the nation.”

Tom Sheridan / Principal PCI Flortech, Addison, IL

“Our relationship with the Carpenters Union has expanded to include providing continuing education credits across the region for their 8-Hour ICRA training. The relationship has had a mutual benefit by expanding the visibility of the Heartland Center across the nation.”

Tammi M. Goerdt / Director of Continuing Education and Outreach | Director, WorkSafe Iowa OSH Associates Network Heartland Center for Occupational Safety and Health | University of Iowa, College of Public Health

“Marshall University has adopted the UBC-ICRA program, and we’re very pleased. We have practiced infection control and prevention for several years, but it’s been greatly enhanced by the education that’s offered by the Carpenters Union.”

Jamie Montgomery / Directors of Operations, Safety, and Environment of Care Marshall Health and Marshall University School of Medicine Marshall Health and Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington, WV

“United Hospital Center has developed a great partnership with the Carpenters ICRA program over the last five years. They offer their program free of charge to hospitals, including special training for Infection Preventionists, who understand the principles of infection control but may not understand construction, renovation, and maintenance practices in their facility.”

Annetta M. Payne, BSN, RN, CIC / Manager, Infection Prevention United Hospital Center, Bridgeport, WV

“On the other side of that wall there may be a patient who just went through chemotherapy or maybe there’s a brand-new baby in that bed. Your construction site is right in an area where you have very immune-compromised people. The most important thing about the ICRA class is making sure that we have a good mix of maintenance individuals, general contractors, subcontractors and infection preventionists. It’s amazing when you start sharing those areas of expertise.”

Katherine Grimm / Infection Prevention Specialist Maple Grove Hospital, Maple Grove, MN

“Since the ICRA training, we have a better relationship with the infection control team, construction and facilities team. It’s helped us understand what the standards of practice are and to update our process.”

Stefani Anderson / Infection Prevention Coordinator Sanford Health Bemidji, Bemidji, MN

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